This section will be updated as needed to ensure any frequently asked questions about MyFootballClub are addressed. If you have any further questions you can contact your Member Federation office for assistance.

      • Is MyFootballClub currently National?

        MyFootballClub is currently used across the entire country for our affiliated Member Federations, Associations, and Clubs.

      • Which browsers is MyFootballClub compatible with?

        MyFootballClub can be used on any browser but is most effective when used with Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Clubs should use Firefox or Internet Explorer as some of the functionality is not fully compatible in other browsers.

      • Will my information be passed onto a third party?

        FFA respects the privacy of individuals from whom FFA collects, uses and discloses personal information. FFA has established a comprehensive Privacy Policy covering the collection, use and handling of personal information which complies with the Privacy Act and any applicable state legislation governing the collection, use and handling of private information. A copy of the FFA’s privacy policy is available on Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.footballaustralia.com.au/privacy

      • Will the information contained in MyFootballClub be secure?

        FFA has taken active steps to ensure that your personal information stored within MyFootballClub is hosted in a secure database.

      • Do I use a different FFA number as a coach and player?

        No, You FFA number covers you across all areas. You must use only one FFA number for all registrations such as coach, referee and player. You can now also use your FFA number to register for coaching courses and events that you wish to attend.

      • After selecting my club I get stuck and I cannot select a Role?

        Make sure you have entered the correct name of the club. Begin typing the name and choose it from the drop down list. Note: some clubs have separate online pages but may be the same name/club e.g. Gladesville Ravens Soccer Club and Gladesville Ravens (FNSW State League) Club are the same club but different competitions.

      • Do I still need to complete a registration form?

        No, if you are self-registering using MyFootballClub, you will not need to complete any paper forms.

        However you may be required to complete a registration form if you are registering at your club.

      • I have played before but can’t find my FFA number, what do I do?

        Try using different spellings of your name e.g. Jonathan and Jonathon. This may be due to incorrectly inputting your name into the system the first time you registered. Alternatively, call the Support centre and we will try and find it for you (02) 8020 4199

      • How do I move clubs during a season?

        You will have to log in to your MyFootballClub homepage and select the ‘De-Register’ Option next to your current registration; this will then initiate a process where your club and the association that they play in will have to acknowledge your request to de-register. Once you have received emails stating that your de-registration has been accepted and processed you will be able to register for your new club through your MyFootballClub homepage. You may also request that the club initiate this process and accept the de-registration through your MyFootballClub homepage.

      • I can't get my password?

        Use the Password reset section in the registration process. You will require an FFA number and email address. The new process gives you more options in case you can’t remember your original email address or if your FFA account does not yet have any email attached to it. If you still can’t get the password then please email the support centre at [email protected] or call the support centre on (02) 8020 4199

      • Why can't I pay online?

        This will be either because your club has opted not to use online payments, they have forgotten to switch them on or they are using their own version of paying online. Either way it is best to contact your club for the payment method if you are unsure.

      • Where can I go for extra help?

        Players can call FFA’s national MyFootballClub Support Centre, which will be operating from the 2nd of January to the end of April 2014. The email address to contact the Support centre is [email protected] The number is (02) 8020 4199. The Support Centres open times will be 12pm to 9pm on week days during this period. We will open up on some Saturdays and Sundays during the busiest registration periods prior to the season starting.

      • Why hasn’t my new password arrived to my email?

        When you request a new password the system sends it to you by email immediately. If you don’t receive the email, it may be due to one of the following:
        a) The email address in the system is incorrect: Contact FFA’s call centre direct and ask them to update the email address in the system and then request a new password.
        b) There is no email address in your record: Contact FFA’s call centre direct and ask them to update the email address in the system and then request a new password.
        c) Spam/Junk mail filters or folders in your email account: Check these settings and folders.
        d) Some email systems block emails from unknown sources. If applicable, ask your employers IT helpdesk, or your ISP, and ask whether emails from the myfootballclub.com.au domain are being blocked.

      • Is there a cost involved with using MyFootballClub?

        The system doesn’t cost clubs anything to use. Clubs simply apply and we will create access to use MyFootballClub

      • How does a club registrar gain access to the system?

        Your local Member Federation will send an online User Request form to the main contact at your club. This must be completed by every club registrar. If this is the first time you have gained access as a club registrar, you will be required to create a new account with MyFootballClub to retrieve your Username and password. To be able to register as a club registrar email your association for an “Online Access Form”.

      • Are there any costs associated with the credit card merchant facility?

        For the 2014 system we have waived the initial set-up cost of Online payment. Transactions will be subject to a 2.3% transaction fee.

      • How do I set up online payments in the system for my Club?

        Your club must complete the request for online payment form. Please contact your local Member Federation to gain access to this form.

        Please note the online payments may not be available for your club. Please contact your local Member Federation for more information.

      • When do players need to complete an Amateur Registration form (NRR03)?

        If a player registers online through MyFootballClub they do not need to complete any FFA registration forms.

        However, if a Club registers a player through the system, or, is not using MyFootballClub, they will need to follow the guide below.
        1. New Players to Football must Complete the quadruplicate NRR03 form where they will be allocated an FFA number. This form must then be sent to either your local Association or Member Federation.

        2. Returning Players must complete a form annually to satisfy FFA’s Terms and Conditions and National Registration Regulations. Players can either complete a pre-populated form provided by the Member Federation or a blank NRR03 form.

      • Can I only allow players to pay online and not manually when they register?

        Yes, un-checking the box in player registrations which says 'hide manual payment at club button' forces users to pay online as they complete the registration.

      • Do players have to pay online if they self register?

        No, you can have them pay manually at the club if you wish or even use your own method of online payment.

      • Can I create discounts for players when they register online?

        Yes, you can create an add-on with a negative fee which allows you to give discounts to certain players. 

      • Can I record part payments in MyFootballClub?

        Yes, there is functionality which allows you to keep track of a players payments in Player registration

      • Does a player have to pay before I can approve their registration?

        Technically yes as they will sit in ‘Pending awaiting payment' until their payment has gone through. Once you have taken then payment then you can approve there registration.

      • How do I keep track of which players have a photo?

        In the reports section there are a number of reports which show this. ‘Registered Player – Full Details’ reports show a photo uploaded date. If there is no date then for this criteria then there is no photo. ‘Team Lists – Photos’ shows players by team and with or without photos depending on whether they have one uploaded or not. ‘Registration Card – A4 Size’ shows player registration cards and whether they have a photo.

      • Can I allocate a coach and manager to a team?

        Yes, in the team allocation section you can add non-playing roles to the teams.

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