First Aid

Administering First Aid depends on your knowledge, skills and experience.

The key in First Aid is to be aware of what your capabilities are and when to get help.

In the football context, First Aid varies from treating a simple abrasion, to treating an injury, to responding to a collapse.

The best way to obtain First Aid skills is to do a First Aid course. There are a number of these in Australia including those accredited by St John Ambulance, Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Red Cross.

For information on First Aid Courses run by these organisations, please click HERE.


Introduction to Football First Aid

FFA, in conjunction with Sports Medicine Australia will be commencing an Introduction to Football First Aid course in 2014.

This is not an accredited Apply First Aid qualification, but it will provide the basic skills to:

  • Initially care for an injured player;
  • Know when to refer the player for medical attention; and
  • Determine when to call for an ambulance.

In 2014, the Introduction to Football First Aid Course will be piloted in NSW.

For further information on the Introduction to Football First Aid Course, please click HERE.

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